Moneyball Approach to Collections – Chris Dunkum

What is the craziest piece of data you have ever tried to use and how did you determine if it worked or not? The “Money Ball Approach to Collections” is using data and analytics that some people may think are crazy to drive how we work in collections today. “Money Ball” is one of my favorite movies because it sums up much of our industry. If success in pro baseball or pro football was tied to finances the Yankees and Cowboys would always win, yet it has been several years since the Yankees or the Cowboys have hung a championship banner.

In our industry there are companies of all sizes competing with each other. When all else is equal, the differentiator between companies is how we use data and analytics. This is going to be an open presentation where we discuss the tools that are available to us and how we better compete with these tools. We will discuss data that is available for us to buy and data that we can build using our work efforts. You will leave this presentation with some very practical ideas and some that will make you think I am just crazy. Bottom line is you will leave the room thinking.