Attention: C-Level Executives & Managers

Collection experts will discuss new innovative technology solutions to
drive collections & compliance in an unrivaled setting.


CollectTECH 2019 | November 18-20, 2019

The Collection Technology Event of the Year

CollectTECH19 will be a delicate balance of education, networking and entertainment  focusing on Technology and Compliance issues in an unrivaled setting. CollectTECH19 will be held at the Worthington Renaissance and TopGolf in Fort Worth, Texas.

TopGolf is a technologically advanced venue for learning and engagement. Breaks provide time to unwind and network with industry leaders over a fun game. There is no pressure to have a good golf swing, score a lot of points or even play. It’s all about everyone learning, having fun and networking.

Getting the most out of your technology investments has never been so important or so difficult. Join us at Receivables Advisor’s CollectTECH19 for the latest insight on how today’s tools and techniques can reduce decision making complexity and jumpstart growth. Through case-study-based sessions tailored especially for credit and collection executives, you will hear the latest thought leadership in Artificial Intelligence, Texting, Email, Chatbots, Real-time Speech Analytics, Virtual Collections, Client Portals and more.






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Conference Topics

Artificial Intelligence
Machine Learning
Disruptive Innovations
Real-Time Speech Analytics
Social Media Skip Tracing
Virtual Collections
Text & Email Collections
Technology & Regulatory Updates
plus much more

Networking Opportunities

Opening Reception
Coffee & Breakfast Break
Lunch & Golf Competition
Coffee & Desert Break
Awards Reception and Golf
Awards Presentation
Top 50 Collection Professionals
Top 50 Collection Products Awards
Roundtable TECHTalks


Tech Lock
Balto Software
Solutions by Text


Applied Innovation
PCI Group
DKB Innovative
Accelerated Data Systems
Frontline Asset Strategies
NLP Logix


Chris Dunkum

Chris Dunkum

First Collection Services

David J. Kaminski, Esq.

David J. Kaminski, Esq.

Carlson & Messer LLP

Debra J. Ciskey

Debra J. Ciskey

The Collections Coach, LLC

Dr. Mike Mowery

Dr. Mike Mowery

Strategic Government Resources

Gordon Beck

Gordon Beck

Valor Intelligent Processing

Howard George

Howard George

Recevables Performance Management, LLC

Jeremy Ruth

Jeremy Ruth

Arvest Bank

John H. Bedard, Jr.

John H. Bedard, Jr.

Bedard Law Group, P.C.

Jon Balon

Jon Balon

Williams & Fudge, Inc.

K. (Gandhi) Eswaramoorthy

K. (Gandhi) Eswaramoorthy


LaDonna Bohling, IFCCE, CCCO

LaDonna Bohling, IFCCE, CCCO

Contract Callers, Inc.



BCA Financial Services

Lori A. Vanderpool

Lori A. Vanderpool


Mike Frost

Mike Frost

Malone Frost Martin PLLC

Rick Perr

Rick Perr

Fineman Krekstein & Harris, P.C.

Ron L. Brown

Ron L. Brown

ConSec Investigations, Inc.

T. Steel Rose, CPA

T. Steel Rose, CPA

Receivables Advisor Magazine

Tracy Dudek

Tracy Dudek

State Collection Service


Opening Keynote: The Unafraid Tech-Enabled A/R Professional – Gordon C. Beck III

While the foundation of this industry will always be the people, to stay ahead of the curve and create maximum value for your agencies, you must be digitized, tech enabled, cutting edge and unafraid. Recent regulatory developments have made this more possible than ever.


Technology Vendor Selection and Your Compliance Management System – Five Key Strategies – Leslie Bender and Lori Vanderpool

The creditor’s and vendor’s perspective of important strategies a vendor selection component of a compliance management system should include when evaluating the onboarding of a new technology or technology vendor, including: 1) Updates to your standard contract provisions that can improve communication over technology resources, 2) Re-evaluating pre- and post- selection due diligence tactics, 3) Onboarding a new technology, 4) Assessing generational and other diversity differences from a consumer’s perspective and how to weave them into technology choices, and 5) Early warning options for detecting UDAAP.




Technology Solutions to Regulatory Requirements – Debra J. Ciskey, Richard J. Perr, Esq. and Mike Frost

The CFPB has proposed the use of texting, email, and the internet for communication with consumers, plus caps on telephone communications. Some states have call caps and provisions related to using email. In this session you will hear about the proposed and existing regulatory requirements, and the legal advantages and pitfalls of using the available technological tools, and gain insights about the ways new technologies can assist with the plethora requirements outside of the CFPB regulation.


An Update on Debt Collection Related Activities From the CFPB – K. (Gandhi) Eswaramoorthy

Hear directly from the K. (Gandhi) Eswaramoorthy of the CFPB after the 90-day comment period ends on August 19 about the Proposed Rulemaking to update the 42-year-old FDCPA. The new debt collection rules become law one year later so leaders in collections will implement technology to comply with the new rules. As the CFPB limits phone call frequency, social media contact and workplace emails, it also brings email, text and voicemail into the 21st century.


Opening Night Reception


Shuttle to TopGolf


Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain for Collections

Unsupervised machine learning can lead to unpleasant or even lawsuit-invoking behavior. While AI and blockchain are the new buzzwords, the reality is innovative, tested solutions exist so experimentation can be avoided. Time-barred debt, credit reporting and complaint resolution solutions can be implemented today.


Text and Email Collections – David Kaminski, Esq.

The electronic communication age is here. As the CFPB is poised to allow certain additional electronic methods as new modes of communication with consumers, confusion abounds. Emails are writings, and texts are calls, and the FDCPA and other rules currently apply to both. This session covers steps to inform attendees as to the state of the law, how to move your letter mail to electronic delivery including understanding how regulations impact your digital communications program, learning about the types of technology opportunities available, and how to launch a new program.


Got Game…In Your Contact Center? – Tracy Dudek

What is gamification? Why would a contact center leader want to use gamification? Are there really measurable results from adding gaming to your toolbox? Have these questions answered via a case study format presentation of one organization’s addition of gaming in their 500+ seat contact center!


Morning Coffee Break


Speech Analytics 101 – The Good, The Bad, The Basics – John H. Bedard, Jr. and LaDonna Bohling

Speech analytics technology is permeating the marketplace, providing users with valuable information about their companies, consumers, and clients. The power of speech analytics technology can be leveraged in two significant ways for the collection industry – reducing compliance risk and increasing profit. Attend this session to learn the basics of speech analytics, how it works, and its practical application in a collection environment. Then explore the biggest benefits and costs associated with implementing a speech analytics program. Hear from industry experts on how to leverage speech analytics in ways that increase your company’s bottom line.


Transitioning IT Bank Collections – Jeremy Ruth

Hear a creditor’s perspective of the challenges experienced when updating collection technology. Ruth will answer the questions involved with updating technology to improve compliance such as: does the ROI justify the time and monetary investment; and, is it easier to justify improved effi ciencies and less FTE? Learn the best prioritization of software initiatives such as which initiative should come first, income generating initiatives versus collection process improvements, and the allocation of internal and vendor resources. Also covered will be unanticipated delays due to M&As, project management challenges and vendor-to-vendor communication.


A Road Map to Virtual Collection and Your Future – Jon Balon

Interacting and conducting business is changing faster than ever. People don’t have the patience to wait. When they want to do something, they want to do it right now. This session will cover a wide variety of strategies and topics to help you think where you need to go next and how you can get there sooner rather than later.


Lunch, Networking and Golf


Cyber Tracking Technology… The Future of Skip Tracing? – Ron L. Brown

Enter the fascinating world of “cyber tracking” through the free web data portals and explore the methods utilized by professional trackers to massage and manipulate social media sites to locate consumers and their assets. Through 21st century technology and millennial skill sets, lenders and their collection agencies can decrease both expenses and training time using little known direct and indirect pathways. During this entertaining, enlightening and educational session presented by Ron Brown, an internationally recognized tracer and instructor, you will be provided advanced technological insight, new and innovative data sources and a view into the professional and compliant “read only” methods which put millennial cyber trackers on the path to success, enabling them to locate consumers in a rapid and cost effective manner.


Collecting From the Unbanked and the Technology Surrounding It – Howard George

The FDIC estimated in 2018 there are 10 million unbanked and underbanked households in the U.S. Respectfully, 7.7% and 17.9% of US population. Subsequently, that means 20% of US population is not well evaluated or accommodated with regards traditional credit scores and new technologies. The options and choices of Scoring, Communication channels and Payment channels involve many technologies and enhancements. This makes the evaluation of what will provide the best return of investment for your organization and client critical.


Healthcare Collection Bots

Learn how to personalize text and email communications to authenticate consumers’ identity and engage consumers on their time and their preferred method. Cell phone settlement is expected to skyrocket collection rates using proven, predetermined tone and frequency where analytics drive code-driven compliance.


Dessert Break


Machine Learning, Chatbots and AI

Practical implementation of artifi cial intelligence utilizes machine learning interaction analytics to improve collection rates and reduce lawsuits as a result of non-compliance. Agencies improve customer experience and client relationships using Chatbots that learn from collector/customer interactions.


Moneyball Approach to Collections – Chris Dunkum

What is the craziest piece of data you have ever tried to use and how did you determine if it worked or not? The “Money Ball Approach to Collections” is using data and analytics that some people may think are crazy to drive how we work in collections today. “Money Ball” is one of my favorite movies because it sums up much of our industry. If success in pro baseball or pro football was tied to finances the Yankees and Cowboys would always win, yet it has been several years since the Yankees or the Cowboys have hung a championship banner. In our industry there are companies of all sizes competing with each other. When all else is equal, the differentiator between companies is how we use data and analytics. This is going to be an open presentation where we discuss the tools that are available to us and how we better compete with these tools. We will discuss data that is available for us to buy and data that we can build using our work efforts. You will leave this presentation with some very practical ideas and some that will make you think I am just crazy. Bottom line is you will leave the room thinking.


Awards Reception and Golf

Conference attendees enjoy an Oscar-style awards party where you meet all the movers and shakers in the collection industry. Awards include: • 2019 Professional of the Year • 2019 Product of the Year • Most Innovative Agency • Most Innovative Product • Top 50 Receivables Professionals • Top 50 Products • Top 25 Innovative Agencies


3rd floor Patio

Shuttle to Hotel


Becoming a Talent Magnet: Attracting and Keeping the Right Employees – Dr. Mike Mowery

Everything rises or falls with leadership, including attracting and keeping the right employees for your organization. Dr. Mowery explains why the key to attracting and keeping the right employees starts with becoming the right kind of leader. Mowery is certified as a facilitator by IOPT, Wave Changers, Friday Night at the ER, and the Institute of Cultural Affairs.


Roundtable TECHtalks Brunch

TECHtalks: Open discussions around current topics where fellow attendees share their current collection challenges. Technology Experts will bring their knowledge for interactive roundtable discussions. Bring your toughest questions and get answers before you leave the conference.


Conference Concludes




CollectTECH19 is designed for C-Level Executives and Managers in Accounts Receivable on

November 18-20, 2019 at the Worthington Renaissance and TopGolf in Fort Worth, Texas


Receivables Advisor Magazine is excited to produce another, technology-focused event in an unrivaled setting. The attendee experience as has been reinvented to give you time to be educated on the latest topics, network with industry leaders in a fun and relaxed atmosphere and take away strategies that will propel your organization in 2020.


CollectTECH19 will showcase the latest innovative technology in an innovative venue. The first day is dedicated to compliance technology. When professionals were surveyed they requested a fresh and different type of conference. The second day is held at TopGolf  where you will discover the latest in collection technology. TopGolf requires no previous golf experience. On Wednesday morning, the TECHtalk Roundtables provide open discussions around current topics where fellow attendees share their insight and real-life solutions.


This conference will showcase seasoned professionals sharing their experiences, knowledge and strategies:

  • Expect to take away strategies from operating executives on how to use the latest technology to enhance more compliant and successful collections.
  • Understand the industry perspective on the future of AI and how regulatory compliance will be improved by it.
  • Learn how industry vendors are working on harnessing AI and blockchain to best meet business and consumers’ needs and expectations.
  • Innovators and cutting-edge legal advocates will share their insights on how to modernize communications.
  • Speakers will offer hands-on solutions to some of the daily problems and issues you encounter.
  • TopGolf is an engaging way to interact with fellow attendees in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. It is the terrific venue for “edutainment”, balancing education, networking and entertainment.
  •  Receivables Advisor will host an Awards Ceremony on Tuesday evening to honor the The Professional of the Year, the Product of the Year and the Most Innovative Agency of the year, as well as the Top 50 in each category.

If you have any additional questions please call Josh Fluegel at 888-610-1144,



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Expires 9-31-2019

Team Discounts Available:  50% off full conference rate – additional team member from the same company $647.50

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Team Discounts Available:  50% off full conference rate – additional team member from the same company $647.50

Exhibitors & Sponsors

Calling all companies that have products and services for the collection industry. CollectTECH 2019 is focused to help attendees learn future trends, key technology insight and disruptive innovations causing major industry shifts.

We look forward to your company joining us as we relaunch the premier technology show of the year. CollectTECH 2019 has reinvented the traditional trade show booths and separate expo halls, to give you a unrivaled setting to host attendees. You will host a golf bay at TopGolf on Tuesday and host one of the TECH TALK roundtable discussions on Wednesday morning at breakfast.

Take a look at the sponsor and exhibitor opportunities.

For more information call Chelsea Patterson at  or Angie Rose 888-610-1144
















For more information call Chelsea Patterson at  or Angie Rose 888-610-1144


  • FICO
  • VoApps
  • Interactions
  • Pairity
  • Tech Lock
  • RevSpring
  • DRN
  • Delvepoint
  • Balto Software
  • CompuMail
  • Solutions by Text
  • Valor
  • MicroBilt
  • AppliedInnovation
  • PCI Group
  • DKB Innovative
  • NPC
  • Accelerated Data Systems
  • Frontline Asset Strategies
  • Sentinel
  • PaymentSavvy
  • HighRadius
  • TelRock
  • Attunely
  • ERC
  • NLP Logix
  • PlugNPay
  • Palinode
  • Thrio

TECHtalk Roundtables

The TECHtalk Roundtables provide attendees an informative setting to get to know key industry experts. The format is 32 concurrent roundtables each with an industry expert and a specific topic. Attendees choose the table to start with and after 20 minutes, attendees rotate to their next table. The rotations will continue every 20 minutes for the duration of the 2.5 hour event. You can catch five sessions so pick your top five sessions, and have five alternates just in case they are full.

How does it work?

  • Attendees get 5 roundtable sessions with industry experts.
  • Sessions rotate every 20 minutes.
  • Seating Available on a  “First Come, First Served” basis.

TECHtalk Roundtables Topics

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: Effective Technology for your Business

Learn how machine learning and artificial intelligence is currently deployed in the collection industry, how to embrace it, how to use it, and how to implement it into your business processes. We will also touch on the next wave of developing technologies in the ARM industry.


Instant Merchant Settlement and Instant ACH

Once a payment processing batch is closed funds are deposited into the merchants account in one second, 7/24, even holidays.


Take Back “Control” – Faster Online Content Changes to Collection Letters

In this TECHtalk Session, your business will benefit from taking back “Control” of your Collection Letter Content Changes in an Online Interface that allows YOU complete digital access for faster letter changes and rapid mailstream delivery. This saves loads of time, less frustrations and best of all, provides quicker Revenue Generation!


Waterfalling Data – Improving Success Rates for Right-party Contact

Waterfalling is one of the most effective ways to find specific data you need, while minimizing costs and increasing accuracy. This roundtable will discuss tips and tricks to get even more from your waterfalls and explain how to speed up the process so your agents can focus on making right-party contact.


Fee-Free Payments are a Compliant and Innovative Payment Solution for the ARM Industry

Fee-Free Payments: Assessing a fee on payments is a hot button topic within the ARM industry. Whether actively looking to board this solution or searching for definitive answers on the subject, join the Payment Savvy team to learn how our decade offering the product has made us a premier leader in the space.


Compliance and the Total Communication Platform 

This buzz word has gotten even hotter! Connect with CompuMail to talk through best practices and what they’re hearing surrounding compliant communications and most recent interpretations of the CFPB’s NPRM.


Reshaping A/R and Credit With Artificial Intelligence

Join this session to discuss:

  • . What the Tech is everyone talking about: A quick guide to the alphabet soup of AI, RPA and related technologies
  • . What AI is (not): Debunking the myths of dangerous superintelligence, how it impacts your career and shifting the conversation from “being replaced” to stepping up the ladder
  • . Turing test for your AI stack: Understand what real (artificial) intelligence means for credit and A/R


Letter Strategy, Tax Time & How AI Drives Savings in Collections

Not only can AI be leveraged to increase collections, it has the power to drive savings for collections organizations. This TECHtalk will cover how dynamic scoring and data-driven contact strategies allow collection teams to significantly improve the outcomes of letter spend based on the latest behavioral data. This is particularly relevant during tax time and other periods when there is substantial letter spend.


All-In-One Compliance: Yes and It’s Cheaper! 

Thrio consolidates many services all under one roof. Including: compliance, texting, email, chat, bots, customer portal, and scorecards. Come see how Thrio does it cheaper!


Applying Automation and Artificial Intelligence to Credit Dispute Investigation

Sonnet transforms processing performance by automating e-OSCAR and direct dispute workflows, reinforcing company policies and procedures and supporting compliance with the CFPB regulations for “reasonable investigation.”


Is your collection system omni-channel collections ready?

Most collections systems used today were never developed with the digital channel in mind, or to support omni-channel collections.  What are the key features collection systems need for proper omni-channel collections?


AMCA Breach: The tale of a cyber horror story

Join this interactive session to learn how you can prevent breaches with cyberdefense and see a live audience demonstration of how a password compromise happens using your own phone….if you dare participate.


Improving Collections with Text Communications

 Learn how to improve your customers’ experience and the effectiveness of your business model by implementing compliant texting to your communications strategy.


Adopting Defensive Security Strategies – Because Compliance Misses Approaching Threats

Learn about adaptive security options and how to create defensive strategies to protect against approaching threats that compliance only sees in hindsight.


Are your digital communication strategies effective?

Digital communications including e-mail and texting presents an unquestionable opportunity for the collections industry.  Improved response and collection rates, the ability to reach consumers in ways they prefer to communicate, and the ability to reduce costs and reach more people are definite advantages. So what should an ARM firm look for?  How can you evaluate the effectiveness of your digital communications solutions?


Using Machine Learning to Optimize Contact Strategy, Collections, and Compliance




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