Ron L. Brown

Owner @ ConSec Investigations, Inc.

Ron Brown has been active in the investigation and asset recovery industry since 1973. His investigation agency ConSec Investigations, Inc. specializes in locating and recovering missing people and assets. He has held all the chairs of the Oklahoma Collectors Association and currently serves as the Oklahoma Delegate to the ACA International. He is an ACA International Certified Instructor and holds the ACA designation of Credit and Collection Compliance Officer. Serving on Time Finance Adjusters Advisory Council and Board of Directors since 1982 he has a long history with the recovery industry and it’s ever changing image.

He has written numerous articles related to skip tracing, compliance and his specialty, “Neurolinguistics” and is credited with originating the term “Cybertracker.” Ron serves as Chairman of the Board for the National Association of Fraud Investigators and acts as the facilitator of the Eagle Group XX where he works with 20 of the most highly regarded men and women in the investigation and recovery industry regarding compliance and professional issues. Conducting seminars and training sessions nationwide his experience and expertise is available to any member of the recovery or financial industry, as he so aptly expresses it, “Anything , Anytime, Anyplace… Professionally”.