Gordon C. Beck III

President, COO @ Valor Intelligent Processing

Gordon Beck is the President and COO of Valor Intelligent Processing, a new organization in the ARM Industry specializing in BPO and 3rd Party Collections. Gordon has 20 years of experience with expertise in the recovery of Wireless, Landline, Cable, Satellite, Internet, VOIP and Financial Institutions. Gordon is known as a motivator, educator and great public speaker in the industry; participating in panels, debates and several individual speeches at industry related events as well as contributing articles and content to several call center publications.

In February 2015 Gordon won TRMA’s President’s Award for the “Speech of the Year” and was also featured on the cover of the Collection Advisor Magazine twice, one of those for being recognized as one of the industry’s top 30 most influential collection professionals. Under Gordon’s leadership over the last two decades his previous organization has been the recipient of many industry related awards including 32 “Agency of the Year Awards” for their respective clients and the 2009 National Agency of the Year at the Dennis and Judy Hammond Debt Connection Symposium out of 6,600 similar companies.

Gordon’s trademark in the industry is not only his ability to bring in multi-million dollar contracts, but to operate and strategize those portfolios to “Best in Class” results for those clients. Gordon’s treatment of his employees, the amazing culture and atmosphere he provides them and never straying away from the family mentality is what Gordon will tell you is the secret sauce of his success in the industry. To Gordon, there is no personal achievement that means as much to him as knowing that he provides a great place to work for the people he cares most about, his employees. On September 24th of 2018, Gordon became the youngest inductee into his High School Alumni’s Hall of Fame specifically as a result of his accomplishments in the ARM Industry.